Why use an online directory?

Increasing your ‘online’ visibiltiy

A simple question, with almost a simple answer in that the visibility of your company or services online is going to be directly related to how many prospective customers will visit your website.

Getting listed in a directory is almost as important as getting your individual site on the first pages of any search engine, and if the directory has a ‘live link’ to your business it will also help boost your rankings on those search engines.

You can decide what type of listing you want on the directory, from simple contact details to a full advertorial promoting all aspects of your business products & services.

So, the more often you appear on an internet search, the more prospects will be able to find you and know about what you do, which in turn will lead to more customers.

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Types of listing

  • Basic contact details
  • Basic plus live link to your site
  • Plus our Logo and ‘google map’
  • ‘Sticky’ lisitng – 1st page feature
  • ‘Semi- feature’ – small editorial
  • ‘Full feature’ – including full editorial promotion
  • Free & Paid lisitngs
  • All the above plus blog posts

Promote your company on the web by using our directory listing & featured articles

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